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For centuries, mineral hot springs have been known to provide incomparable healing qualities. When incorporated into spa practices, natural thermal water can lubricate the path to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Inspired by this knowledge, we conceived Alba Hot Springs Resort, an exceptional destination for those seeking a greater connection to the earth and themselves.

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alba spa

The word 'spa' is an ancient Roman acronym for Sana Per Aqua, which means healing through water. At Alba, we embrace the origins of spa by leaning on the wellness qualities of mineral water and a holistic approach to health and happiness.

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Relaxation and recreation

    • Spa and massage (paying)
    • Geothermal dipping pool
    • Swimming pool
    • Cool springs
    • Highwire (paying)
    • Zipline (paying)
    • Water sports
    • Badminton (paying)
    • Volley ball (paying)
    • Billard(paying)
    • Deer garden
    • Craft villages
    • Fishing

Practical information

  • Laundry services (paying)
  • Car park
  • Conceirge
  • Wifi in public areas and rooms
  • Shuttle bus (paying)
  • Airport transfer (paying)
  • Currency exchange
  • Smoke alarm in public areas 
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