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Alba Wellness Philosophy

For centuries, mineral hot springs have been known to provide incomparable healing qualities. When incorporated into spa practices, natural thermal water can lubricate the path to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Inspired by this knowledge, we conceived Alba Hot Springs Resort, an exceptional destination for those seeking a greater connection to the earth and themselves.

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The Hot Springs

At the foot of the Truong Son Mountains, just North of the imperial city of Hue, Alba Hot Springs Resort offers the ideal setting for a true wellness escape.

Thermal mineral water discovered almost 100 years ago flows from the core of the property, which sprawls over 50 hectares of lush, natural gardens and forest and delivers a holistic experience unlike any other. With balanced and stable mineral properties comparable with the most famous thermal mineral water sources in Europe,the hot springs can help to activate every single cell in your body.

Starting at a temperature of 68 ̊C at its original source and gradually cools down, the springs are an exceptional gift from the nature for your well-being. Bathing in Alba mineral water nourishes and energizes the body. It promotes a feeling of mental and physical wellbeing, helps to eliminate harmful toxins and enhances the overall rejuvenation process.


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